Long flight, short sleep and BOOM!! We are in Bangkok!

Immigration was so easy. We just needed our arrival tickets, our departure tickets to leave Thailand and the immigration (basic) form.

Getting in the outside world, after more than 24h imprisoned in planes and airports, was actually a nice relief even if the weather is insanely hot and humid at this time of the year.

We took a Uber to the city. It was a weird feeling at first as the driver was insisting on being very discreet. Apparantly Uber isn’t very welcome in airports, due to taxation reason according to him. But it was a very nice ride at the end and after 30 min, we were at the hotel in the south of Bangkok, it was around 11am.

We woke up around 6pm…

Not the smartest idea to fight jetlag but it was really needed.

We went out to eat a bit. Tom kha Gai (chicken coconut soup) and sticky rice for Jessica and chicken Pad thai (stir-fried rice noodle) with local beer for me.

The city is very busy and noisy, wet roads (rain season), lots of cars, old trucks and tuctuc… Can’t wait to explore more!